Liberal Indian Muslims should boycott extremities

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As I think India is only country where Muslim relation with other community is more stable than other countries except some Kashmiri Muslims. What’s happening in our country is ridiculous. Opposing government on real issue is good but supporting terrorists to oppose the government is like assassinating the country. Rajdeep Sardesai’s tweet of comparing that terrorist with Bhagat Singh is shameful.

He supposes that Indian governance is parallel to the British colonial government. Is it right ? Kavita Krishnan is supposing that encounter as judicial killing. I am unable to get her point on what basis she stated. These kind of people are catalyst who incite the people to create binary. These people are main cause of such issue.

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The aim of those terrorist group is the same to create binary between Hindus and Muslims in India. Definitely a kind of binary is being created to decelerate the country. Religion is becoming medium of it. Kashmir issue seems like theme of their operation. As I think there are two kind of muslims by behaviour in India. First is radical muslims whose population are very less.

The second liberal muslims who are present in majority. Unfortunately Second group of muslims are too weak as much as first group’s muslims are too strong. Muslims belonging to first group always maintained themselves in limelight due to wrong activities. On the other hand muslims belonging to second group continuously pleading to prove that terrorist does not have religion and Islam does not allow to do so.

Radical group muslims want to add liberal muslims in his group to generate civil war. It would not possible if pseudo secular people like Rajdeep Sardesai, Kavita Krishnan etc stopped accelerating. Support from such people creates hatred in minority people against government and country. Accusing Indian Army should be stopped. Indian Army is most disciplined army in the world. If radical muslims of Kashmir thought that lifting weapon can solve their problems then encounter would be only solution to handle those idiots.

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Yesterday, I was watching a discussion over plea of Saira Bano, a hapless victim of the Muslim law on “triple divorce”. I don’t know why are our most of the media’s houses keep silence over such issues. Whenever discussions on status of muslim women happened the Shah bano would be also remembered.

I am saying so because a couple of months before, managing director of IMF, Christine Lagarde has told that India’s GDP can expand by a whopping 27 percent if the number of female workers increases to the same level as that of men. It does not mean that her team would have calculated that statistic by removing muslim women of India. In fact, her team would have included only Indian women. So Maulvi’s point of personal liberty or religious vicious circle does not exist against such a point.

I used to think that how people would justify the pang of “talaq, talaq, talaq”. Yesterday I heard from one of the members of Muslim personal Board. Really I have never ever heard before that any book other than constitution can be exercised in our society. Muslim personal board has made such book where combination of illogical perceptions are there like if someone writes on his wall “talak talak talak” then people will get rid of that women without saying directly to him and women becomes victim of that law.

I am not saying so, but Arif Mohammad, a former central minister showed that book on RSTV and criticised a lot. I don’t know why we have to give the same reason to abolish that law, that all muslim countries have abolished. In fact we should have done before than them because we are not living in religious state but in a secular country. Unfortunately, we didn’t do so.

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One more interesting thing I found that when a girl from audience asked to that member of Muslim personal board about the leadership of women in religious places. She replied that god has given exemptions like biological differences which we have to accept. what a logic! I was impressed for moment and thinking that a how Lady from Muslim Personal board was justifying this issue to another lady(girl).

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