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About Author: Gaurav Singh is the founder of the contemplative blog, Decoding World Affairs. He is a graduate of VIT University, Vellore, in collaboration with the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune. He has passionately written more than 300 featured articles on this platform. Some of his work is published in regional as well as national magazines and newspapers. 

“Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.” – Dr. Ambedkar

Dear Readers,

Heartiest welcome of all to a contemplative blog i.e. Decoding World Affairs. This blog is all about my personal views on different issues. The significant features of the blog are that articles are available in three different languages: EnglishHindi, and Bhojpuri (i.e. my mother tongue). I have been writing one series in the Bhojpuri language named Swatantra Bharat Ke Jhanki based on historical events after independence. Getting insight into social, economic, and political changes along with the story of the formation of New India has been narrated in it.

Articles on this blog have been categorized into Politics, World Affairs, Essays, and Book ReviewsBefore showing any grievances to me or my writing please read the disclaimer. If you find any fact unauthenticated, then you can write at decodingworldaffairs@gmail.com. Your response will be highly appreciated.  

My views are independent of any political ideologies that prevail in the political arena. I believe that political ideologies obstruct writers from free thought. It limits the writers not to think beyond the well-fabricated boxes of ideologies. Thus, there is no single ideology or philosophy, or personality that is perfect and the ultimate truth. I got inspiration from Hannah Arendt and Mahatma Gandhi to think beyond the ideological boxes.

I think it would not be possible to categorize Mahatma Gandhi into any ideological box. If you read his views on ‘Varnashram’ and the protection of cows from slaughtering, you may keep him very close to RSS. His socialist view can be witnessed in his idea of ‘Gram Swaraj’ and ‘Oceanic Circle of power’. He shares the same boat with Karl Marx when he talked about stateless society. Thus, he was the person who had experienced freedom in true tense without ideological planks. 

In my concern, good writing work can bring positive required changes in our society. My passion for realistic writing serves at its best hope. It provides a diverse set of opinions on the same topic to the readers which propound the deliberative democracy in the real sense. It also motivates people to think not about their own interests but also about the collective interests of society. By the grace of God, I strive to provide a purposeful message through my articles.

Thanks for visiting my palace i.e. Decoding World Affairs. Please feel free to share your reviews. If you afford to support us, we will be highly thankful to you. Don’t forget to click on the bell icon (🔔) given at the right corner of the page to get updates at the earliest. Decoding Dream India Thanks and Regards
Gaurav Singh

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