Indian Security should be consolidated against human trafficking

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Human trafficking in a person is a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights. It is a matter of grave concern for national security. Every year thousands of men, women, and children fall into the hand of traffickers in their own countries abroad. The protocols to prevent suppliers and punish trafficking in person as the recruitment, transportation transfer, harboring, or receipt for a person by means of the state for use of force or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, the abuse of power, or of the position of vulnerability or for the Giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person for the purpose of exploitation.

Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of other or others for the other form of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery, similar to slavery or removal of organs. We can divide it in various form but mainly we are interested to concern about three important type of human trafficking.

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First labor legally children in India are allowed to do light work, but they are often trafficked for bonded labor, and domestic work, and are worked for what isn’t allowed in the country. They are often forced to work in the use of contraception that bounds them to be unable to see escape and then forced to summit the control.  Other may be bound by abuse whether physical emotional or sexual. Those forced into labor lose all freedom been thrown into the workforce essentially becoming slaves and losing their childhood.

The second one is illegal activities in which children, over adults choose to be trafficked for illegal activities such as begging and organ trade, as they are seen as more vulnerable.  Not only are these children being forced to bed for money, but a significant number of those on the streets have had forcibly amputated, or even acid is poured into their eyes to blind them Gang Masters. Those who are injured tend to make more money which is why they are often abused in this way. Organ trade is also common, when traffickers trick children to give up their all organ.

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The third one is sexual exploitation which is an issue faced by many developing countries. Often young girls are taken from their homes and sold as items to become sex slave and even forced into prostitution. This may seem bad enough but sexual exploitation is not always forced. Out of depression, some parents will even sell their kids off to be sexually abused in order to be able to acquire the basic necessities of life. A combination of examples is there in this context which proves the same.

Why do such things happen?

There are many contributing factors to child trafficking which include economic deprivation, lack of employment opportunities, social status, and political uprising. Many of the families in India are unable to afford the basic necessities of life, which forces the parents to sell their children off to gangs and thus they get exploited. As there are not even decent employment opportunities available, parents will do anything from sweeping the street to selling that given if it only makes a few rupees.

Another course of its sexual exploitation is that people around the world find pleasure in the outcome of this abuse, therefore causing demand for it. At the international level Political uprising lead to demand for their soldiers and as children are more vulnerable they are forced to conscript and use their bodies as sacrifices. Some of the international businessman gifts teen girls on their occasions. Obviously, they offer a huge amount in return.

Such sort of things motivates contractors toward such sinful activity. Contractors entrap the parents of innocent children in the name of employment. Many victims want to get out of their situation so they risk everything to leave the place that sees them mired in poverty. This gives the human traffickers bait to lure victims to move to a different country.

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Social unrest and militarism in governance may invite human trafficking. Armed conflicts can lead to massive forced displacements of people. War creates large numbers of orphans and street children who are especially vulnerable to trafficking. Their families have either passed away or are fighting a war, complicating child-rearing. What is happening in Syria and Iraq, is the best example to prove so. They are distracting the people in the name of religion. Girls are being sexually exploited in Syria and Iraq just because of political instability. In fact, those terrorists are using young girls as the medium to purchase weapons and other stuff. 

World’s consolidation is required

Child Trafficking happens all over the world. There has been reporting from many areas about the increase in child trafficking taking place in India. As I think there are 3 steps to avoid it.

The first one is prevention in trafficking in persons in which community led activities are an important prevention tool. For Example, the porous border between India and Nepal, is an area of heavy cross border trafficking. UNODC (United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime) supported NGO initiatives such as community vigilance project, led by leaders and women groups, which has mobilized thousands of villagers to detect and prevent trafficking. In this year UNODC provided funding for NGOs in different countries to run trafficking prevention campaign among vulnerable groups.

The second one, Steps must be taken for Protection of Victims for Human Trafficking in which police and criminals justice staff need standard working procedures to guarantee the physical safety of the victims i.e. by protecting their privacy hence making safe for them to testify against abuses. Victims needed assistance that extend beyond the end of their exploitation and any criminal prosecution. Vocational training can reduce the risk.

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The third one, Steps should be taken against Prosecuting Human Traffickers in which government can develop some effective law enforcement and criminal justice institutions. For Example, UNODC has helped to develop legislation in many countries. But many human trafficking laws are limited to the sexual exploitation of women and girls, that means they do not provide any assistance to Child labor or such victims.

UNODC also trained police, border guards prosecutors, judges and NGO staffs in many countries, where Vietnam has one of the highest conviction rates for traffickers in the world. Many culprits have been convinced for such a criminal offence of human trafficking. Following a Cross border co-operation workshop, the police of china and Vietnam rescued many female victims, trafficked for forced marriages. Such type of organization is needed to form in India to get rid of such criminal issues.

So, the whole nations should be consolidated against such a sinful activity to combat. The Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings adopted by world’s forum should contains a number of measures recommended for adoption at the national level in order to prevent trafficking in human beings. They must consist of measures relating to data collection and research, border measures, economic and social policies aimed at addressing the root causes of trafficking in human beings, awareness-raising measures and legislative measures.

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