Paradoxes in the politics of Indian Muslim elites

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People generally confused the three terms Conservative, liberals, and fundamentalists to create misunderstanding. It is so because everyone feels pleased to listen to himself/herself as liberals. Fundamentalists are those who Stick to fundamental to maintain the status quo. E.g. ISIS and Taliban. Conservatives are those who accept changes at a slow pace. E.g. rightist parties of the world.

Liberals are those who freely criticize customs, religion, and traditions. Indian Muslim elites lie between fundamentalism and conservatism. In democratic countries due to the rise of rights in the world, today it has been made common sense that fundamentalism against conservatism is liberalism. Basically, it is nothing but pseudo liberalism.

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Irony of Islamic elites is that they want others to be liberal by maintaining themselves status quo of being religious. One very good program “Fatah Ka Fatwa” was run by Tarek Fatah. Initially, sponsored by Asian Paints, was attacked by Indian Muslims to boycott the brand. It withdrew supports in fear of losses. Radical Muslims Ansar Raza who also runs NGO, filed a PIL against Fatah Ka Fatwa show.

Rashtriya Ulama Council complained to ECI to ask Zee News to stop the programme on as it is polarising voters. In that show, only the modern challenges like Jihad, Triple Talaq, Halala & Nikah Mutah were being discussed which have wrongly interpreted to radicalized youth. Instead it could be the best platform for Muslims to present real Islam in front of non-Muslims. Unfortunately, They failed to digest the dissents.

Once I called ‘Returning of award’ against intolerance as a Gandhian way for expressing dissent without violence in my article on the blog. The intention was not what we liberal people perceived. Poet, Munawwar Rana was one who returned an award during that movement. Duel faces were unveiled when a similar kind of intolerance was shown by a group of Muslim people against Tarek Fatah while he was attending the function “Jashn-e-Rekhta”.

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He was physically & verbally abused. When the media went to the same Siyasi poet, Munawwar Rana to get condemnation remark against the violence, instead he rejected that it was intolerance. In return, he attacked Tarek Fatah by alleging intolerance & terming it as ‘disease’. 

Once, Hamid Ansari, former Vice President of India, felt that Muslims in India was feeling scared in India. Report released by USA showed more or less same theme. I think both of them were politically motivated. One belongs to domestic politics and other belongs to international politics. Sohrabuddin, killed in an encounter used to extort money from local marble factories in Gujrat.

Shahabuddin burnt two children of Chanda Babu with acids just because they refused to pay extortion. Akbaruddin Owaisi, an elected MLA publicly abused deities of majority with threat of violence against majority Hindus. A Muslim mob vandalized Hindu deities and temples with religious slogan in Chandni Chowk Delhi. Does these works are done by frightened people? How can surely one say that Muslims are feeling scared?

Hypocrisy in India exists on the name of ideologies also. Victory of Tribes at Niyamgiri hill against Vedanta company is deemed as a great success by left liberals. In fact, it is. It is so because its faith of the Tribe living there who accepts Niyamgiri hill as God. Vedanta company tried to exploit resources from that hill but failed in front of belief of tribes.

Other tribes believe trees & rivers as God. Everybody respects it. But, when Hindus express their views that they believe cow as Goddess, then same left liberals specially Muslims laugh at Hindus & look Hindu as ‘Jahil’ with a reason that how animal could be a God? They project this belief as against their freedom to eat beef. This is not justice but merely hypocrisy.

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From beginning of underworld don culture in Mumbai, Haji Mastan used to chant slogan “Muslim-Dalit bhai-bhai, ye Hindu quom kha se aai” to Rohingya refugee settlement group “Aryan tum wapas jao, Rohingya hamare bhai hai” via Owaisi party slogan “Jai Bhim Jai MIM”, a great sympathy, love and affection were shown for Dalit community.

But the hypocrisy of Indian Muslim elites is exposed in context of AMU and Article 370. First, do you know the same Dalit don’t get reservation in AMU (Aligarh Muslim University). Second, the same Dalit didn’t get reservation in J&K before the abrogation of Article 370. Thus, such kind of brotherhood is nothing but merely Dalit appeasement by deliberately pretending ‘Dalits’ as ‘Neo-Muslims’.

The Babri mosque was demolished during the Rajiv Gandhi govt. It is believed by historians like Rama Chandra Guha & Bipin Chandra that it was done to please Hindus against the Muslim appeasement done by overturning the SC Judgement of Shah Bano Case. Arif Mohammed Khan claims that demolition of Babri mosque was a deal between Rajiv Gandhi and AIMPLB. He was the then minister in Rajiv Gandhi govt.

First, he acknowledges that Rajiv Gandhi replied him that before unlocking mosque gate, AIMPLB was informed. Second, He gives another argument that the then chairman of AIMPLB, Ali Miyan also accepted the same in his biography. Third, he argues that till the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi AIMPLB didn’t revolt against it. See the hypocrisy that same AIMPLB is fighting against the demolition of Babri structure.

See the paradoxes and hypocrisy of Indian Muslim elites, those people who have been chanting that terrorism doesn’t hold any religion, same people defend the terrorism by leveling them as innocent Muslims. Batla house encounter is the perfect example of it. Incident took place a week after 5 serial blasts in 2008 that hit Delhi. Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility.

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On the basis of intelligence & police inquiry, Special cell executed the operation where one officer was also martyred. Political system, university students as well as religious establishment called it as fake & called terrorists as innocent Muslim students. Later on, it was confirmed by ISIS militant who had escaped minutes before the raid on Batla House.

See the irony of Muslim leadership. On one hand, Muslim leaders raise their voices against the inadequate representation in political sphere and on the other hand, mob patronized by the same leaders have arrested ideology i.e. an individual should not belong to right-wing. One who doesn’t follow it, a mob threatens that individual by tagging ‘RSS Dalal’.

A Kashmiri, Mansoor Ahmad Magray was known for social activist in Kashmir before Doval meet. After meeting with Doval, their relatives have been looking at him as he did crime. On the one hand, they cities Sachar committee reports for showing Muslim backwardness and on other hand, they have always been against modernity and modern education.

What we see might not be true. Thus, we must go back to the ‘original position‘ as suggested by Rawls and introspect on our own. Don’t listen to others just think on your own you will understand the real picture of the hypocrisy of Indian Muslim elites.

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