Can economy be solution for the conflict between India and Pakistan?

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How long the relation between India and Pakistan will go like that. When this tension will tend to end. I see many people on social sites who are in haste for war. Does war give a solution? If it is so then problems would have been eradicated since we fought a series of wars with Pakistan. War happens and blood becomes less viscous on both sides, thousands of soldiers die and their families are forced to tackle social challenges than at the end of the day overflowing energy gets stabilize with a cup of tea in agreement like Shimla.

I don’t know why only after the war the idea of peace comes into the mind. Nothing can be better than diplomacy. Any country and its people become developed only when its neighborhood is in peace and prosperous. The neighborhood includes Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Srilanka too apart from Pakistan.

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I don’t know the details about the reason why diplomacy failed at most of the front, but as a youth I must appeal to recover whatever we lost. Occasionally, I used to read Pakistan Newspaper ‘Dawn’, just to get together with their thought processes. Apart from it I used to go through the youth activities by going through their mock parliamentary debates and other stuffs like speeches.

It gives me a pleasure kind of experience that many youths are concerned with the actual challenges of Pakistan. Even some of the thinkers also pen down rational things. Of course, some of them are pure 24 carat pseudo nationalists by their thought processes. It is not unfortunate because these kinds of people are expected everywhere on the earth. So, it didn’t not draw much of my attention.

Now comes to the issue. Basically, Pakistan has two sets of fronts. On the first front, their people and government is there and on the second front extremities, ISI and Pak Army are the main constituents. Unfortunately, first front is too much weak as the second front are too much strong. First front has vested almost all the power. Theoretically first front controls the second one but it doesn’t happen in reality. Reality is far away from it. Even government get permissions and written notes about International stands what to speak and what not to. Massive corruption in governance at each step makes the Pakistani people unsatisfied. These kinds of notion make them to get attracted toward the second front which are constituted of Pakistani Army, ISI and extremities.

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While India has an Army, in Pakistan the Army has a state. We have to worry as a responsible government that do we react to each and individual thing that happen irrespective of the larger picture. Do we somehow manage to hew to a broader strategic perception of what is our interest in Pakistan? Basically, we have to understand that foreign policy must serve our domestic needs and our overwhelming domestic priority is the transformation of India, ending of over poverty, pulling of millions of people out of deprivation.

So, people of our country also understand that opening war for Pakistan will drag our country for many years. If we do that kind of mistake in 21st century then we have pay a high cost in return. An attack on Pakistan also lessen India’s chances in the Security council and Permanent Membership in UN. It will also loose the International community support which it has gained over the years. So, forget about this approach and go through constructive planning.

It should be understood by Pakistan also that people of Pakistan needs constructive development also through education and innovations. So far Pakistan strategies have been different from that of development goal. Pakistan has a military funding of 14% of its GDP, a common figure among the war infested, low living standards countries while India has a clever 2% military funding. Pakistan don’t need that kind of investment on security. Pakistan do not have threat of India.

India as a progressive country would never want to push Pakistan on the bottom floor since strengthening of neighbour has been one of important part of development of India. I am saying so because if India attacks Pakistan, the economy will crumble and may unite the split-up population of Pakistan and form a huge rebellion against India. So, India is not attacking because it doesn’t want to and even if it wants to, it doesn’t have to do anything to inflict pain.

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The people who are in haste for war must understood that it’s not just about winning a war, but you have to be ready to face consequences. There would be mutual destruction on both sides. Our country at the present moment is growing economically fast and we need to keep up the pace, so that India grows richer and much stronger. The defense budget as a result will be decided on your GDP. So, if we continue the pace we can keep increasing our defense budget and further spend more money on our external security.

We have to also understand the fact that our geographical location is pretty unfavorable with two hostile neighbors on your side and so in the present situation, you have to take calculated risks. They are our neighbors and so you have to think about every single possibility that can be detrimental to the country’s progress.

Now we come to the probable solution. Let me clear you once again that war is not any kind of solution. Unfortunately, if it happens then the war would be more unexpected and neck to neck fighting since Pakistan has invested huge amount on the security development. Pakistan brought many reforms in strengthening their security after defeated by India in 1965 followed by 1971 and 1999. Now the scenario has been changed a lot. It is also unfortunate for the people of Pakistan that they have invested much more monetary on security than education and employment. So, most probable solution can be proposed by economic mean through diplomacy. Indian subcontinents must come to the fore and make their own market. As I estimate that it would the strongest market of the world.

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Not only Pakistan but Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar & Bhutan must be brought under one umbrella with India. All countries must abolish their currency and prepare strategies to deal with the world. Once the people of Pakistan starts getting jobs and their economic status goes up on the scale most the tension will become fade since people will not have time to ponder upon.

But world politics will resist it since it has been pattern that America has been provoking Pakistan on the notion of terrorism and China has been defending that notion for years and years. Here a kind of proxy war is being played where India and Pakistan become the fronts of their war. But both the countries must develop a kind of force which could overcome that resistance in order to fetch peace.

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