War of ego between India and Pakistan

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The international court of justice does not exist in absolute terms. It is based on the consent between the two countries. If Pakistani or Indian media propagates it in a way to fetch emotions and TRP then it will become an ego issue that would give an adverse impact. It is good to know that whatever the international court of justice stated, is the same as what we are expecting.

For example, Pakistan do agree that Kulbhushan Jadhav is an India citizen. Secondly, India should have been given consular access as per Vienna convention. Apart from it, stuffs related to human right and stalling of the verdict until final order of ICJ etc. It has been proven in court that opportunities have not been given to Kulbhushan Jadhav to prove himself as not guilty.

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He has been accused of espionage and working for the India’s external intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing. India has been repeatedly requesting consular access to Mr. Jadhav while also demanding a certified copy of the charge sheet as well as the judgment. Pakistan has so far denied India’s request 13 times to the Sri Gautam Bambawale, Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad.

I am saying so because in spite of all these things Pakistan may refuse to accept the orders or sentences of the International court of Justice (ICJ). But It will be very difficult for Pakistan to reject the order of ICJ. Refusing International norms and staying in an isolation makes any country weak on diplomatic level. So, Pakistan will not be going to do so. But they could discover other alternatives or a kind of loophole like what they did in the case of Sarabjit Singh.

They may kill him through unofficial procedures in Jail before reaching to the final verdict of International Court of Justice. Whenever things become an ego issue then it becomes unsolvable. Remember Pakistan agreed one day to release Sarabjit Singh but due to the pressure of Public agitation and extremities like Taliban they had to shift their commitments from Sarabjit Singh to Surjeet Singh.

They did so because they committed to release. Since both words are rhyming or similar in pronunciation, they left Surjit Singh instead of Sarabjit Singh. Whole ego of Pakistani People was concentrated on Sarabjit only. Pakistan could leave 10 Indian spies but not one citizen as Sarabjit Singh at that moment since it had become an ego issue. 

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If similar things happen then it will be difficult to get over it. One more example apart from Sarabjit Singh proves my statement. We have two neighbors Pakistan and Bangladesh, which had been a part of Pakistan before 1970s. But most of the issues related to India and Bangladesh have been solved including the border dispute issue also in this government regime a year back.

But none of the issues between India and Pakistan yet solved since we and our media has made it as ego issue. In the same fashion Kashmir is also an ego issue where nobody will be agreed to compromise at any front due to public pressure which has been mostly generated by Media. So, this ego issue of ours stalls many issues and resist not to solve it.

India and Pakistan is not different. The Northern India and Pakistan somewhat overlap in areas of linguistics, demographics, geography and economics. After the dissolution of the British Raj in 1947, two new sovereign nations were formed were the Dominion of India and the Dominion of Pakistan. The subsequent partition of the former British India displaced up to 12.5 million people, with estimates of loss of life varying from several hundred thousand to 1 million.

During displacement seeds of hatred were sown among the people of the both nation. Violence on the name of religion took place which has stuck to the heart of the people. Such horrible historical incidents don’t let the people to eradicate and forget. India and Pakistan established diplomatic relations but the violent partition and numerous territorial claims would overshadow their relationship.  

India emerged as a secular nation with a Hindu majority population and a large Muslim minority while Pakistan emerged also as a secular nation with an overwhelming Muslim majority population, later becoming an Islamic republic although its constitution guarantees freedom of religion to people of all faiths. Since their Independence, the two countries have fought four major wars. In spite of it our issues did not resolve. Kashmir has been the centre point of this conflict.

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Kashmir has become now ego issue between the people of two nations. Nobody will negotiate and compromise at any front. It must be solved with political will but no political leader either of the any country will likely to peep into this matter since it is very sensitive and can throw the party out of the power. India as well as in Pakistan sometime issues of India Vs Pakistan has been taken into political rally to polarize the votes. 

We both are connected culturally.  When Amitabh Bachchan or Lata Mungeshkar is in the hospital, people from Pakistan pray for his good health. Our ears feel awesome when listen songs of Nushrat fatah Ali Khan. It can be seen how famous his song in India market called “Ras ke kamar”. People of Pakistan can’t deny that no one sings about romance like Kishore and Rafi. When we meet Indians abroad, they’re desi just like us. Our history is their history. Our language is their language. But it’s complex, our relation.

We retaliate to each other’s provocations like children, impulsive and emotional. Our negotiation stuck at a point about who started first. We say you started Kargil first. They reply that no you get in between east and west Pakistan. You are responsible for dissociation of Pakistan. We failed to accept that Muslims and other minorities are sometimes attacked on the mere suspicion of eating beef. They turn a blind eye when Christians and Hindus are assaulted for eating before Iftar in Ramazan. 

They say we are responsible for dissociation of Pakistan but they forget how they imposed themselves on the Bengalis. Why did they force Bengalis to accept Urdu as their national language? they never talk about that things. These things need to be addressed. There are many relatives love their part cross the border. We were wrong to look to the West for support. In the past, foreigners succeeded in making sure we saw each other as enemies.

I think we should look to each other for support. What I find strange is our reluctance to acknowledge that we have each other. I heard from one British gentle person in ARAI that Indian and Pakistani people retaliated each other in Birmingham in England through Cricket. When match goes between India and England then people of Pakistan goes and support England and vice a versa.

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I am sticking to it. Different people could support different countries. It could be some foreign country also. But the notion of supporting England against India become significant. It was done just because of a kind of hatred is inculcated in the mind of people of both the nations. These kinds of things need to be eradicated from root. Some unfortunate incident happened when extremities do some sorts of wrong stuffs then what we do? stop playing cricket.

Can stopping cricket solve the issue? We must go and talk very clearly and find solution for it. But we do those stuffs what extremities want. Until and unless we don’t forget historical stuffs we can’t eradicate ego issue. Until we don’t eradicate ego issue we would fail in solving issues between the both countries. So, what I understand is that we must keep all four wars as history which should be stuck on textbooks only. 

We must come out of the history and peep into each other eyes for betterment of the people of both the nation. I want those wars to be remembered as an event when the cold war between India and Pakistan did not turn into a hot war. I believe war of ego between two beautiful countries needs to be eradicated and a beautiful environment needs to be created around us. People of both the nation must be rational thought processes and try to talk rationally. I believe if we give the war of ego then most of the issues will automatically be eradicated. In coming future we will be able to provide a better future and mutual understanding between them.

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