Kashmir Yorker clean bowled Imran Khan’s naya Pakistan

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Historical mistakes were revamped in Rajya Sabha. We were witnessing creation of history when abrogating Article 370 took place. People had sweets and shared with their loving. That day was the start of ending businesses of political elites in Kashmir. This Kashmir yorker bowled Imran Khan’s naya Pakistan. That day was the day of justice for the real people of Kashmir. That day was the day of completion of idea of India which was incomplete without convergence idea of Kashmir with New Delhi. The move of abrogation of Article 370 was necessary and expected response to US withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan. That move was the challenge to end the ‘myth of separation’ spreaded by separatists for many years. History changes on maturity and this day was the day of victory for Kashmir. In reality, that day was the day of Kashmir against the idea of Pakistan.

Why India suddenly abrogated article 370? Reason could be the US withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan. US supported fighters forced Russia to move out from Afghanistan, boosted their confidence. Now US withdrawal would be second biggest win of Islamic fighters. Defeating two biggest power of the world i.e. Russia & USA will lead to create hegemony in itself and become motivation for militants in Kashmir. India is trying to solve this issue before US withdrawal. Govt can’t go for mediation due to political compulsions and commitments to the public. Second, BJP led NDA has not yet delivered any flagship promises to people of India which started creating discontent among the public. Third, environment of Kashmir where there is no active government chosen by the people. Governor consent on the behalf of Kashmir can easily be taken otherwise it won’t be possible to take consent from J&K assembly. 

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In the modern nation-state, India is also a nation. Thus, it also holds sovereignty along with territorial boundary, population & legitimate govt. Since India is sovereign, the govt chosen by the people of India is free to take decisions for the interest of Indian people. But matter of paradox is that Pakistan is unsuccessfully trying to influence our policy. Pakistan claims 3 west flowing rivers of Indus river as their birth right since we signed Indus water treaty. We amended Article 370 of our constitution through legal and just processes but legality has been judged by Pakistan. Pakistan raises concerns over our nuclear policy, it’s our prerogative to choose which policy “First use” or “NO first use”.

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Indian PM Narendra Modi has bowled Imran Khan twice with Kashmir issues. With these two Yorkers, India has broken two myths. First, Before surgical strike, Pakistan usually threatened India of having a nuclear nation. Myth of nuclear deterrence was broken with policy of offensive Defense or Doval doctrine. In fact, according to several reports specially after Balacot surgical strike incidences of cross border movements & infiltration have decreased. Pakistan had made the shield of ‘nuclear deterrence’ to amplify their policy of “Bleed India thousand cuts”. Second, On the same line political elites of Kashmir threatens central govt of detaching Kashmir from India once any tempering is done with Article 35A and Article 370. Only courageous leader can challenge them with actions against their propaganda. ‘Myth of secessionism’ also broke with ‘Myth of nuclear deterrence’. 

A few years back, India was on back-foot by pleading through nuclear policy that India follows “NO first use policy”. Today Pakistan is on back-foot & now Imran Khan is pleading that Pakistan would not use nuclear weapons first. This is the beauty of shifting policy from merely ‘defense’ to ‘defensive offense’. We have never replied Pakistan’s policy of ‘Bleed India with thousand cuts’ for Kandhar Hijack, Parliament attack & 26/11 Mumbai attack. Now they are feeling thrust from India for each action which challenges their conventional policy of thousand cuts. It is so because India replied Uri attack by Surgical strike & Pulwama attack by Balacot Strike & subsequently International isolation.  

“Kashmir Banega Pakistan” was a ‘churan’ or a dream which is sold in Pakistani people to brainwash them since childhood. I think now Pakistan needs to stop thinking of Kashmir as an unfinished business of Partition because India’s claim is reality & legitimate. World is silent. Pakistan tried his level best to diplomatically isolate India but failed. ONLY Pakistani leaders and Indian opposition leaders are saying that it is an international issue but rest of the world is saying that it is internal matter of India. UN has rejected Pakistan request for intervention. For USA, UAE, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, it is an internal matter of India. Britain & France is silent. China responded on India’s move a little with lip services out of their economic compulsions. Even the Taliban whom they nourished for a long time, now became a rebel child of Pakistan. Taliban slapped Pakistan by saying that “We have experiences of war. Don’t link Kashmir with Afghanistan” 

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Pakistan needs to understand that world politics run on profit not prophet. Its miscalculation of Pakistan that they will be benefited by all Islamic country just for being an Islamic state. Highest civilian award by UAE to Indian PM Modi & unprecedented support by Islamic states on Kashmir move is a recent & perfect paradigm. Reality of 21st century is economic interdependence. Saudi Arabia-India trade is $27.48 billion in 2017-18 against $1.8 billion with Pakistan. Malaysia-India trade at $14 billion is 14 times more than the $1 billion of Malaysia exchanges with Pakistan. UAE-India trade volume is $60 billion against $8.3 billion with Pakistan. Tragic illusion of Islamic State arrested Pakistan to take benefits out from its strategic location.

If anything, which has destroyed Pakistan, is their ego and thirst of getting Kashmir. The day Pakistan leave the notion of Kashmir as unfinished business of partition, it will start growing relatively at faster pace. Asif Ghafoor recently threatened India in press conference that if they fail in Kashmir, war-fighting becomes a compulsion instead of a choice. It is up to India and the rest of the world. On this note I remembered Stephen Cohen who rightly said in his book “Idea of Pakistan” that “Pakistan now negotiates with its allies and friends by pointing a gun to its own head” (Page 270). Maturity unveils when he said that Kashmir is his “jugular vein” & they would go to any lengths for it.

What Pakistan would do next? War? Very difficult because war is not independent of economic situation. Pakistan is not economically healthy. Something is bound to happen because like other populist country Pakistan also runs on perceptions. It is commonly said in offices of Islamabad that “Hukoomat petrol se nahin, Kashmir cause se chalti hai’. Now India had broken their politics of perception “Kashmir Cause” on Kashmir, then how Pakistan will run? I understand that these perceptions act like a blanket which covers corruption of Army in Pakistan on the name of Kashmir, fear of India was inculcated in people like India is sea monster only Pakistani army can protect them from such Leviathan.

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We both India and Pakistan must believe that we have a shared history of 5000 years and only 70 years of partition. There is no point why the element of the shared history of 5000 will not prevail. On the one hand, India must not try to make them feel that they did mistakes. It’s too long. On the other hand, Pakistan has to set a more realistic goal which is an honest and achievable goal. To get practical sense of life, Pakistan has to stop terrorism and India has to stop feeding their nation narrative of having fear with India.

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    The confrontation between the two parties is supported by appropriate propaganda of some individuals. This provokes further hostility with the use of force

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