When Bhojpuri will get constitutional dignity?

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It is being seen in UP that Yogi government is in quick action. They have promised so many things before the people of UP. Firstly, they implemented anti Romeo Squad before entering to his office, starts sealing unorganized meat shop without even giving a single notice to them. In the same fashion and with the same pace, if they ask to central government for the culturally riched language, “BHOJPURI” to give constitutional dignity, I will be highly thankful to them. After all inserting Bhojpuri into 8th schedule of the Indian constitution was also one of the election promises.

Many people think that inserting Bhojpuri in 8th schedule of Indian constitution, will not add any major benefit. Yesterday I received a decent voice against Bhojpuri on Facebook. He argued that rather we have to focus over strengthen Hindi. He gives reason behind it that one language which may unite the Indian subcontinent is Hindi. So instead of going through sentimental part, we have to focus for long vision where at least Indian public use Hindi as their native language. As china is focusing over Chinese at least we have to unite for one language through which we can face similarities in our views.

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He further added that if Haryanvi people starts becoming sentimental for adding Haryanvi as their language it will create a situation where Hindi will be in danger. He added that we have different dialect in every 10 to 50 km intervals but by doing this every part will starts raising its voice to political leaders to add their native dialect as language. So, he requested me to stop such demands which do not add any major benefit in progress of country. He tells further that Hindi is the identity of our country in the world not any local languages like Bhojpuri and Haryanvi. 

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It is a kind of illusion in public mind that Hindi will be in danger. I replied to that esteemed person. People will be astonished if I say that local languages like Bhojpuri will strengthen Hindi. No any language in the world has have their complete words. Every language is derived from one another. Word strength of Hindi will be ensured by only such local languages like Bhojpuri and Haryanvi, which he wants to ignore. I am giving an example before you. Word ‘widow’ is there for the women who lost their husband, similarly words are available for husbands who lost his wife.

Now tell me the word in Hindi or English which is used for the victims of brother or sister who have lost respective brother and sister. For this word is available in Andamanese called as “ROPUCH”. Now Andamanese is in danger, so this word will also be lost. Nobody will have idea in future that such words were there or not. We know very well that idea of nationalism has been rejected by Mahatma Gandhi and Tagore both why? because they know there are too much diversity in this country and everyone must enjoy their own style of living and speaking. Those people and their languages must be recognised and constitutional dignity must be paid.

If I say to that only single religion must be followed in India so that we can Unite India. will people be agreeing? Some people may but some people like me can’t. Similarly, Bhojpuri is my mother tongue and my identity. When I born, I learnt Bhojpuri first and then Hindi followed by English and German. I love Hindi but it does not mean that I must give up Bhojpuri. It can’t be criteria. People are telling that It won’t impact much. I am telling it will impact much. It is proven fact that If someone wants to destroy any nation, he must destroy their culture and languages rest of the stuffs will become easy for him. No one can imagine homogenizing the country.

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Everybody have their own style to experience their life. Whatever people are saying, if it was right then our ancestors would not have added 8th schedule in Indian constitution. It is there in constitution to protect pluralism and diversity of the country. People claim that one language which may unite the Indian Subcontinent is Hindi. I would like to remind that unity is inherited in us irrespective of caste, culture, language and religion.

There are several examples are available in history when Indian people have expressed unity in need irrespective of languages, castes and religions. So, keeping nationalistic gun over the shoulder of unity, local languages and culture cannot be shooted.

One more people raised his points to counter me. He countered me that my support for Bhojpuri is vague. He alerted me by saying that if same thing happens in other part of our country then situation will create complete disorder in law & order and might public be suffered with huge losses, same as being happened for reservation demand by Patel’s and Jat’s communities.

I don’t know at what basis such people come to conclusion that it will create complete disorder in law and order. People must be cleared that reservation is not the same thing as recognition of languages. It is totally different. I am requesting to save the ethos of the Indian culture by saving Indian local languages.

If today local languages die then after some decades or centuries Hindi will also be vanished. On that day people like will argue to our upcoming generation in the same fashion that we must give up Hindi and accept English since it is international language and it will create global unity.

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There are 22 Indian languages have been recognized by the Indian constitution. Some of the deserving languages are deprived of it like Rajasthani and Bhojpuri. Both languages deserve to get dignity in Indian constitution. This is not any kind of equivalent to reservation. This is about to protect culture and pluralism.

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