‘Hate speech’ and ‘Medieval mindset’ of Pakistan at UNGA

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Stephen P. Cohen, a renowned American scholar, has given genius description in his bookIdea of Pakistan on page no. 270 for Pakistani strategy. He says that “Pakistan negotiates with the world by holding the gun to its own head: Give me what I want or I will blow my brains out.” The almost similar speech we heard from Pakistan PM Imran Khan at UNGA. It reveals hate speech delivered by Pakistan. He officially admitted that Pakistan had trained terrorists in past with US financial backing. He also admitted on the line of predecessors Nawaz Sharif that if conventional war happens between India and Pakistan then Pakistan is bound to lose the war. He threatened the world in the terrorist tune by citing “la-ilaha-illallah” to blasts themselves. That’s why it is told not to give guns to children.

I heard Pakistani PM Imran khan’s hate speech in UNGA 2019. His hate speech can be summarized in following points. First, it was one of the international confessions made by PM Imran Khan that they have trained & produced terrorists for Afghan war and financially backed by the USA. Second, he accused the world for environment and asked for money. Third, he blamed the world for his home corruption. Fourth, he must also know that Narendra Modi in PM of India not President. Fifth, He has tried to fabricate new false narrative of ‘Hindu terrorism’ by quoting LTTE to gain sympathy for Kashmir. Sixth, He seems more concerned toward minorities of India rather than Pakistan. Seventh, He has been trying to cover ‘Islamic radicalism’ through the curtain of Islamophobia. Eighth, he abused RSS by quoting congress leaders statements.

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However, Indian IFS officer, Vidisha Maitra already slapped Pakistan tightly. I will add some more slaps to Pakistani PM speech and terrorist sounds one by one. Generally every leader was given nearly 15 minutes to talk upon. But this gentleman took 50 minutes to waste others time. Unnecessary, irrelevant and irresponsible speech ever given by any PM of any nation. Hardly he would have given 5 minutes to environment and rest of time is all about their religion & Kashmir. Words they used there are very derogatory. Even such kind of words are not welcomed in India at Panchayat election speeches. Can you believe this that he got education from Keble College, Oxford. Nothing could be more shameful than this for oxford. It lowered the standard of oxford.

Two speeches in UNGA by PM Modi and PM Imran Khan is the best example of positive and negative consciousness respectively. PM Modi finished their business within 17 minutes by hitting the eye of the bull. That’s called positive consciousness who talked about the environment, their policies for commons and peace for the world. On the other hand, PM Imran Khan talked irrelevantly. Through his hateb speech, he blamed the western world for their home corruption, blamed the world for environment and extreme violence. That’s called as negative consciousness. If PM of any country start vomiting in terrorist language at prestigious stage like UNGA and suggesting others for violence then you must understand that their whole system is suffering from some sorts of serious illness.

Imran khan talked about environment. He didn’t clearly spell out about their schemes and plan of action toward environment. Rather he played the blame-game politics and victim card politics. He criticized the world for environment issue. He claimed that Pakistan has been most effected country by climate change. He pointing out that world is doing nothing. Before his speech Indian PM already told in his speech that what exactly India is doing for environment. But ‘ego of issue’ is so high that India’s developments and policies never suits them since their foundation is anti-India and anti-Hindu. At the end in their style by putting ‘beggar bowl’ in front of world, he asked for money from developed world to deal with environment.

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Subsequently after environment he started talking about the ‘corruption’ of their home land. For that he was blaming the world at world forum. He was saying that Pakistani elites do corruption and take away money from Pakistan. That’s why Pakistan left with less money to spent on the people. If corruption is doing in your country then you must work at your own Mr. Khan. Don’t weep around the world for this also. Corruption is to be dealt by the home country. How UN could help in such issues. From this onward he started vomiting irrelevantly in front of world. From here, whole speech goes for their religious preaching and abusing India.

Imran khan tried to cover ‘Radical Islam’ through the blanket of ‘Islamophobia’. Reality is that this blanket has so many holes that reality is seen even by the naked eyes. World knows who recently blasted in the church of Sri Lanka, US offices in Afghanistan & in Pakistan itself. He claimed that there is no two Islam like Radical & Liberal Islam. Islam is one whatever we see. Please do note that he also admitted in his speech that before 9/11 Pakistan has equipped and trained terrorists with the financial help of USA. Then if someone associate Islam with terrorism then how it is wrong since Islam is one. Terrorists are also doing on the name of Allah for their religion. Can we also deem them Islamic? How can we say that this is Islamophobia?

Remorse was seen on his face. He has already stated that west had made ‘scape goat’. At the UNGA he spelled out the same kind of things. In this context our first PM Pandit Nehru is proved to be visionary whose principle is still being followed by PM Modi. PM Modi at Shangri-La Dialogue says “When a nation that take the side of principle and NOT of any nation, earn the respect for the world”. It’s not the fault of west that they were structed in their plan. That’s why it is called that Pakistan is ruled by three As: Army, Allah and America. Every Pakistani leaders are the child of his time. They don’t even know that still they have been cheated. Earlier their foreign policy was fixed in Washington and now it is fixed in Beijing. Upcoming generation of Pakistan will realize in the same way after 20 to 30 years from now.

Subsequently his hate speech was seen on Kashmir also. Imran khan threatened India in UNGA speech for another Pulwama in Kashmir. Present Indian govt is courageous enough to respond the terrorism effectively. Pakistan govt will face the consequences of their activities. Every Govt in Pakistan is coward & liar of its time. Later, they admit the reality. Initially they were rejecting Pakistan involvement in Al-Qaeda. In the same speech, he himself accepted their involvement in terrorism. Nothing could be biggest lie than of saying that India has deployed 9 lakhs troop there. How illogical it is. India has total 14 lakhs troop. If we deploy 9 lakhs for few kilometers then what for other territory? Another biggest lie is the arrest of 13K youth in Kashmir.

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Imran Khan speeches at UNGA has lot of paradoxes which contained hate speech. On the one hand he suggests Kashmiris to pick up gun and on the other hand, he was talking about the Gandhi of India. Mr. Khan is thinking that no one knows what he knows. That’s why he promised their civilians that he would be so called ‘ambassador of Kashmir’. One more big lie he talked that so called ‘majority’ of suicide attacks were done by LTTE in so called “World” who was Hindus. Thanks Mr. Khan, for your valuable information. He tried to cover ‘Islamic Radicalism’ by such false narrative. See there are differences. LTTE doesn’t prepare their terrorist on the name of god like Radical Islam. Unlike radical Islamic who fights for establishing ‘Islamic state’, they were not fighting to establish ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Their aim was Tamil question. On that very question we also criticize.

From his fabricated narrative of associating Hindus with terror acts, he shifted to RSS. He doesn’t even know iota about RSS but explaining the world with the help of congress leader Sushil kumar Shinde who accused RSS for training terrorists and having camps. Nothing could be low politics than this. It’s bottom level politics. Congress leaders Digvijay singh also called terrorist Osama Bin Laden as “Osama Ji” and Batla house encounter as fake encounter. Later on ISIS video confirmed that those were Terrorists hidden in Batla House. There is no credibility of congress in India that’s why today they have lost its political space in India. RSS is the cultural organisation whose volunteers contribute their service to the Nation in case of any disaster or needy time. There is no threat from RSS but there is the need of such alternative and supporting institutions.

In 2012, Imran Khan gave interview with The Guardian. In that interview he said by citing a verse from the Quran that Taliban’s ‘holy war’ in Afghanistan is justified by Islamic law. Can anyone call ‘Terrorism’ a holy war? People say that education eradicate fundamentalist thought process. I don’t believe after listening such sort of words from him who was educated from Oxford. Mr. Khan even didn’t admit that Malala was attacked by ‘Taliban’. His hate speech justified Taliban on the name of US and Kashmir militancy on the name of India. That’s why he is called as “Taliban Khan” in Pakistan. His hate speech even suggested himself to picked up gun if he was Kashmiri. What the hell is this? Can any PM of any country support to pick up the gun? Yes, Pakistan PM can. Coward people picked up gun. Militants and terrorists which they produce is coward. Kashmiri Pundits were brave who didn’t pick up gun even after mass humiliation.

Imran Khan attacked on India by saying that minorities are under threat in India to gain the sympathy of the Muslim world. However Muslim world knows India better than him. That’s why almost all Muslim nation awarded PM Modi with highest civilian award. I think he must mind his own business. Indians itself are more than enough to become sound of minorities. Non-Muslims criticize lynching on the name of religion first. They must look in its own country. Asia Bibi, a Christine girl was forced to leave country to save herself from false allegations of Blasphemy. A Hindu girl, Namrita who could be the potential doctor for the Pakistan. She was killed in a hostel. It has been trying to shut-up this case by saying ‘suicide’. A Sikh girl who was abducted and forcefully converted to Islam & married. Her parents are still waiting that their child would come back.

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Imran Khan thinks that the way he prosecutes the minorities, in the same way India would be behaving. In reality it’s not. In India minority vandalized the majority’s temple & abuse their deity publicly. Does it possible there? Absolutely not. He must look his own constitution. Article 41(2) of Pakistan’s constitution states that only a Muslim can become its president. India has already given 4 Muslim & one Sikh president to India. How many minority presidents they have given to Pakistan? They must forget that where he went for speech i.e. UNGA that was also led by an Indian Muslim Syed Akbaruddin. Thus Mr. Khan teach your Pakistan quom to love minorities, not to abduct and forcefully convert. Mr. Khan could not answer to the question raised by India why 23% minority in Pakistan in 1947 reduced to 3% today?

What exactly Pakistan thinks of minority can be understand from their constitution as well as behaviour on Human right conventions. Apart from their Article 41(2) which states that only a Muslim can become its president, Cairo Declaration of 1990 also unveiled the real face of Pakistan. They have brought out Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in 1990 roughly in line with the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights in 1948. However, the Cairo one envisages all rights and freedoms subject to Sharia, and provides for second class citizenship to the non-Muslims who have the misfortune to live in an Islamic state. Justice Rana Bhagwandas, a Hindu, was sworn in as acting chief justice of Pakistan, he had to take his oath of office with a Quranic prayer, “May Allah Almighty help and guide me, Ameen”.

Imran Khan was asked about the Uyghurs in New York. He declined to comment by saying that Pakistan had a “special relationship” with China and would only raise such issues in private. China allegedly has been trying to forcibly stop Islamic traditions & integrate Uyghurs into the majority Han population. A US top diplomat commented that “I would like to see the same level of concern expressed also about Muslims who are being detained in Western China, literally in concentration-like conditions”. It’s the hypocrisy of self-attested Muslim Sardar. Chinese reply to it that Xinjiang are receiving “vocational training” since region is facing the “3 evil forces”: terrorism, extremism & separatism.

Imran Khan used hate speech against India as a diversion tactic to divert the attention of Pakistan public from ongoing economic crisis. That’s why it is called in Islamabad that “Pakistan ki siyasat petrol se nahi Kashmir Cause se chalti hai”. World knows that Pakistan has been epicenter of terrorism. Through mainstreaming terrorism and hate speech, Pakistan is trying to play its wild card as the newfound champion of the human right. While Pakistan has ventured to upstream terrorism and downstream hate speeches there, India is going ahead with mainstream development of Jammu and Kashmir through capacity building.


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