Capital Punishment for convicts – a revenge or Justice

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It is a matter of grave concern that people started to complete justice of their own will Without any proper investigation regarding rapists which is not good for a healthy democracy. If someone feels that there are problems with the justice process then one must act and raise his/her voice within the constitutional framework. In India, it’s very easy to accuse anything rather than giving a solution for that because there is the question that who are you to punish someone without any investigation who has given authenticity to do so.

In a democratic country, it’s very difficult to sentence capital punishment because it’s very easy to remove someone from society instead of resettlement of the accused person. Up to certain limit its good for rarer of rarest cases but in the recent year what I have observed that capital punishment is seen as the only alternative for justice which is not true because public outrage of demanding capital punishment is like a sense of revenge not a sense of justice.

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When we analyse the research data at international level there are various country which abolished the capital punishment but they are not able to reduce crimes & rapes. one loss cannot be overcome by doing so that is not really root of the particular problem because after many such cases the process of rape, child disappearance are going on. So it’s better to catch the roots and solve it rather than doing such type of terrorist activity as shown in picture to kill someone without the knowledge of administration.

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capital punishment or the death penalty should not be in the hand of the state or even any citizen to do such heinous crimes like that because you know No one has given the authority to take others’ life except some rarer of rarest cases. Even the international human rights council is constantly urging the world to stop these non-humanitarian justice practices because even in a global scenario capital punishment is not able to make any difference.

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