Agricultural Crisis and Farmers Suicide

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You know suicide is one of the toughest decisions of every individual in their respective lives because, in society or democratic country, no one has the right to take others lives, even Judiciary system takes such a decision like in the rarer of the rarest case. Farming is the primary source of the farmers for their livelihood because everything is dependent on the output of farming, it might the education and future of their children and the dignity of their daughter also. According to the “National Crime Records Bureau” of India reported 13,754 farmer suicides in the year 2012. 

However, suicides are concentrated mostly in low rainfall, poorly irrigated regions, and among a rather small fraction of the population. Import liberalization has had a strong dampening effect on the prices of several crops, especially plantation crops. This has caused considerable distress in regions where they are prominent in the farm economy. There are two reasons to be concerned that Indian agriculture may indeed be facing a deeper crisis.

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Firstly, The long term growth trend in production and productivity of agriculture, considerably less than required to sustain the projected high overall growth rates in the coming decade, may actually be slowing down, and secondly the growing economic and social disparities between agriculture and the rest of the economy and between rural and urban sectors.

Another concern is widening economic disparities between agricultural and non-agricultural sectors and between rural and urban areas. Private investment has been concentrated on groundwater exploitation deepening wells and installing more powerful pumps and mechanization. In the context of falling water tables a sure sign of overexploitation of groundwater these investments do not increase the volume of groundwater available for irrigation and therefore production capacity.

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Who will take care of the farmers ? but our Leaders like Shri Nitin Gadkari ji are saying like that don’t depend upon Government and God. Its like a pathetic, If Farmers would take the responsibility then Government should also. Other crisis which has been found during farming is that crisis of Urea this is also a one component of bad output. If we will interested to know the reason behind it then we reach at that point only by revolving around the government plan of action’s or policies circular path toward privatization on the name of liberalization.

I am not saying that these things are only happening in India itself but it is global problem also but in spite of good climatic conditions we are continuously lagging. So I think there is a need for structural changes in the macro-economic policy of the Indian Government that favored privatization, liberalization, and globalization as the root cause of farmer suicides. So It is, therefore, important to focus on deeper, more basic, reasons for the slowdown of agricultural growth and the government should also pay attention toward farmers also along with other development projects.

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