Politics of vandalism is nothing but a sign of arrogance of pseudo power

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Do you really think that 21st century is the deserving time to fight over such issues like vandalism of statue of former leaders and demeaning their thought processes without knowing iota about them, where matter of artificial intelligence, digitization and emerging economic power has been coining? If we are doing such stupid acts like toppling of statue of thinkers and activists, it means we are running away from modern day challenges whose consequence will ask questions in future. We people have been mentally slaved not to listen others just because he/she is not belonging to my countries. These things make people weak on the name of pseudo nationalism. I found the name of blocks on the name foreigners like Nelson Mandela block for boy’s hostel and Aung San Suu Kyi block for lady’s hostel in my college along with Indian revolutionaries like Dr. Ambedkar, Sardar Patel and others. Even name of library is given on the name of Periyar whose statue was told to topple by one of our leader.

Generally, statue of the ancestors is installed to patronize their remembrance so that upcoming generation could get some sorts of inspiration from them. But on the ground nothing like that exists. Recently wars of breaking statue have been fought in our country. Statue of Lenin in Tripura followed by Periyar in Tamil Nadu, Shyama Prasad Mookerji in Kolkata and B.R. Ambedkar in Meerut (U.P.) have been vandalized to show powers from each side. As per new pattern of politics of condemning processes have been done as formality to project themselves as leaders of democratic spirit. Leaders from the power have continuously been disapproving such incidents and taking only serious note. If they are really concerned with those incidents they would reinstall the statues with in 24hrs at respective places without fail.

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Political wars must be fought through thought processes not by demeaning others through violence or any undemocratic mean. I am sure that most the people and leaders who have continuously been engaged in this process would know nothing about those great leaders whether he is Lenin, Periyar, Shyama Prasad Mookerji or B.R. Ambedkar. Those people are not the real culprit whom we see as front face and are engaged in that process. Real masterminds are those who have been trying to create environment of personality cult as emerging on new ideas with a great leader without delivering substantial things to people as per promised policy shown in their respective manifesto. That’s why our preceding leaders have been divided into binary of 0 and 1, like he is your leaders and he is my leader.

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This is the post-truth era where people emotions are dominating over the absolute intelligence. People’s demands and their concerns are very different. Such things are done to shift the base of fighting elections from genuine concern to the politics of vandalism in upcoming years. These are the ground where seeds have continuously been showing so that people could be politically segregated. People must understand these things and stick to their concern and must become conscious toward responsibility and selfish toward the rights. People must not go the Lenin, Ambedkar and Periyar to understand these things. Just think that why it happened within 48 hrs. of declaration of result at Tripura. Sometimes such things are done from other side like JNU incidences on the name of freedom for Kashmir and Manipur. They are not concerned to our basic necessity of food and shelter. They have been fighting for their respective powers by using us and polluting the political atmosphere of our country.

It would be humble request from my side that don’t listen to the political celebrities. In the absolute sense they don’t have any political ideology. Their party interest is the main priority behind any thought process. So, they segregate only those points which could endorse their political interest. If you are actually keen to know about those personalities, then you must look for good books and reliable sources. One leaders said through social media that “Who is Lenin and what is the connection between Lenin and India? What connection India has with Communists? Today Lenin’s statue removed in Tripura, tomorrow it will be the statue of E.V. Ramasamy in Tamil Nadu.” See how some faces are coming before us. Many political leaders have been working behind the curtain in spreading hatred among the people to capitalize the political power in upcoming elections.

Such people don’t know iota of their thought process and significance about them. Most of the world’s economy has been designed by keeping their ideology in mind. Even India’s economy after the independence was designed by keeping socialistic approach along with industrial development. That’s why we had moved for mixed economy rather than any capitalistic economy. Lenin’s New Economic Policy (NEP) consisted of both privatization and nationalization to some extent. Yes, there was some drawback in his policies that’s why no any third world country blindly copied their ideology. He terminated capitalism in the field of business and industry. I disagree on some of their thoughts like confiscating the private properties and nationalization of business and industries. I also disagree on the process of snatching land from the people who have lands and distributing among landless people equally because I believe that it makes people worthless and handicap in spite of having physical fitness.

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He talked about the dignity of a worker who had been working more than 10 hrs. Ceiling of the working hours had been fixed as maximum 8 hrs. who had been exploited by industrialists. This is what for which western thinker Ruskin and Carpenter in his book ‘Civilisation its cause and remedies’ were talking about followed by Mahatma Gandhi in his book ‘Hind Swaraj’. Therefore, our revolutionary leaders like Bhagat Singh and our first prime minister J.L. Nehru was very fond of Lenin for ideology. One story is famous regarding Lenin with Bhagat singh. At the last moment it was told to him in jail to remember god since he was about to be hanged. Bhagat Singh’s reply shows that how had he been influenced by the thought process of the Lenin. Bhagat Singh told that one revolutionary is meeting with other.

Like that I am sure that he would have not knowing about the Periyar. In my college, library is made on his name. EV Ramasamy “Periyar” is considered as the pioneer of Dravidian Nationalism. He is known for his self-respect movement and for founding Dravidar Kazhagam. Periyar’s Kazhagam later resulted in the foundation of mainstream Tamil political parties like DMK and AIADMK. He had a strong affinity towards Gandhi. He was an activist against the practice of untouchability and Brahmanism. He left well established political party INC within 5 years and started writing extensively on issues like eradication of caste, re-marriage of widows, opposition of Orthodoxy and superstition. So, introspect one thing in your mind by questioning that leaders like Periyar really deserve such toppling of Dalit icon. He was nothing less than Dr. Ambedkar of north India as he was respected in south with the title Periyar.

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Everybody knows how Dr. Ambedkar contributed their efforts in the process of architecting the constitution. It would have really not easy work to do for a diverse country like India. Think yourself that a leader who sacrifice their life in uplifting a community which had been marginalised where upper cast people didn’t allow to drink water at the workforce from same tap and didn’t allow to worship the God in spite of having faith in Hinduism, does really deserve toppling of statute. Discriminating nature of upper caste Hindus are the one of the reagent which accomplished the rise of Buddhism in India. If people would have allowed them to worship the God, then why would most of the people be shifted from Hinduism to Buddhism. Likewise, on other front Shyama Prasad Mookerji was fighting to make whole Kashmir as an integral part of our country. All those leaders have contributed significantly in national building by different way.

Those days leaders were separated by the thought process but united by the common cause which lied in the national interest. But today’s scenario has been changing and ‘politics of tokenism’ has been evolving where it has been trying to segregate the leaders based on thought processes for political interest. To conceal the made promises such kind of stuffs have been done so that people mindset could be diverted in other way. It is so because whole India is connected on digital platform where people are seeking for work done so far. Now a day’s people are talking about the decision taken in government offices. This is the other facet of connecting on digital platform that people mindset gets suddenly diverted. So, I think people must be conscious toward responsibility by heading to create adamant civil society to seek rights instead to falling deliberately toward any political ideology.


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