How worth Dynamic fare in Indian Railways is ?

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I don’t know what kind of dirty business is taking place in our railway system. The government can show their achievements on paper as developments in railways but practically it seems like some sort of cheating. we don’t get tickets even 3 months before. If we didn’t get it, it doesn’t only mean that there was a huge demand for tickets. Thing is that massive black marketing of tickets is being done where our institutions are also playing a vital role.

They reserved 10% of the available berths reserved as Tatkal for the Sleeper Class. Apart from Tatkal, there is the huge number of quotas like Ladies, Defense, Foreign tourists, Parliament house quota, Duty pass quota etc. Now you can imagine how many seats left for general tickets.

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Story does not end here. Apart from Tatkal, one more classification has been done so far as Premium Tatkal. Now you may astonish to hear so.. Ab ye kya Bala hai? This is a kind of Baniyagiri. Basically, strategies of ‘Tatkal ticket’ is made for those people to journey for very short notice at emergency time. Premium Tatkal is deprived of such concepts. The very interesting thing about this formula is that Indian railways come up with a new plan to increase their earnings through the tatkal facility by introducing ‘DYNAMIC PRICE TECHNIQUE’.

You will be again surprised what kind of this technique is? It means ticket price will be decided by its current demand it will go up/down accordingly like airplane ticket. Be happy you will be enjoying the facilities of the plane in rail also. This is a new innovation so far, no one has ever done.

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The government brought a sudden hike of 14% in ticket procurement. Apart from that, they brought many indirect changes like double increment in reservation against cancellation, changes in regulations regarding booking of tickets, and cancellation timing. I am sure that the government would have not hiked the rate of transportation of goods and industrial inputs like coal through the railway.

If you try to get the answer regarding that then you may get that railways have been lagging and losing competitiveness in transportation as compared to Roadways. Another answer you may get that they are offering ease of doing business under Make in India. But what about Make of India? We the people…

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